Feminist Magic

A little while ago I shot a magic trick performed by a friend of mine named Hudson Taylor. Hudson is a fabulous magician, but he was also undefeated in NCAA wrestling while in college, posting a hall of fame caliber record, and he runs Athlete Ally, a charity aimed at ending homophobia and transphobia in sports. This, and his lantern jaw, super hero good looks make him the perfect guy to talk about feminism, because his “man credentials” are unimpeachable. Here’s the video, and some press it got.


The Huffington Post: A Card Trick To Explain Why Everyone Should Be A Feminist

Bust: LGBT Athletic Ally-Turned-Magician Performs A Magic Trick That Calls Out Gender Inequality

Herstory: This man uses a mind-blowing card trick to show you why he is a feminist

Bustle: “Awesome Card Trick About Feminism” By Magician Hudson Taylor Reminds Us Why We Still Need Feminism

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