SWAPPED: American Psycho is getting all the press!

My most recent directing effort, SWAPPED: American Psycho just launched on Refinery29, but it’s already gotten covered by Entertainment Weekly and ET Canada.


Side by Side from American Psycho #2


From Entertainment Weekly:

A month before the Ghostbusters remake prepares to hit theaters, comedian Dani Faith Leonard launches Swapped, a new video series gender-swapping famous movie moments. First up, the business card scene from American Psycho.


Mara Wilson, who earned fame from her role in Matilda, features as Paula Allen, the female equivalent to Jared Leto’s Paul Allen. Christian Bale’s infamous role is taken over by Leonard herself as Patrick Bateman becomes Patricia Bateman.


The remaining cast is filled out by Keisha Zollar, Julie Rosing, Anna Suzuki, Nivedita Kulkarni, Laura Kleinbaum, SJ Son, Rasheda Crockett, and Jordan Randolph.


“The way that women are represented in media might seem like a micro-problem, but movies have the power to influence the way we view the world,” Leonard said in a statement accompanying the series’ premiere on Refinery29. “Women on have 31 percent of all speaking roles and are more likely to be princesses or moms than to sit at a board room table. Representation on screen in a direct result of the lack of diversity behind the scenes.”


Producer Zoe Samuel, who co-created Swapped with Leonard and director Mark Philip Lichtenstein, echoed this sentiment. “Women are 50 precent of the real-world U.S. workforce, but only 20 percent of the onscreen workforce. Movies at their best are about exploring what could be. It’s our role to lead the way, not to follow from twenty years behind the curve.”

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